Benefit Explanations, Disputes and Appeals.

Social Security, Isle of Man produce a leaflet, reference number GL24 (IOM) indicating what to do if you think their benefit decision is wrong. It covers:

  • Asking for an explanation
  • Disputing a decision about your benefit
  • Appealing against a decision about your benefit

These can be found at your local Social Security Office. The information in this leaflet can be provided in large print or on audio tape on request.


Social Security Appeals Tribunal Representation

If you want to appeal a benefits decision to a Tribunal you may want to consider obtaining legal advice. You can do this in various ways:

  1. You can talk to the Citizens Advice Bureau
  2. You can look at the Isle of Man Law Society website to find an advocate who has experience of the sort of law which relates to your application. You may get funding from the Legal Aid Green Form Scheme for the advice given by an Advocate before a Tribunal hearing. However, Legal Aid funding does not cover the cost of having an advocate represent you at this Tribunal. The Tribunals Office does keep a list of legal trainees who may be willing to represent you at the Tribunal without charge. You should be aware though, that they may not always be able to assist perhaps because they are unavailable or because they are already occupied on other matters or they are conflicted from acting for you because they already act for someone else in the matter or have a connection with the matter in another way. The Tribunals office can be contacted on 685265
  3. You may be represented by a friend or any other person at the Tribunal hearing. Your representative does not need to be an advocate. You might want to consider whether there is someone in your local community or charity who can help you to explain your case to the Tribunal.

Law Society tel: 662910 or email enquiries

Equality Act

This legislation, already in force in England, is presently being implemented over a number of years, having being adapted for the Island’s needs. Disability is one of the categories contained within it. Check out for more information. Section 3.25 of this document covers “reasonable adjustments”.

Isle of Man Advocacy Service

The Isle of Man Advocacy Service support adults with learning disabilities to have a separate voice in their own lives. They do not provide legal advocacy. For more information contact Isabel Miller on tel: 629777 or email:

Enduring Power of Attorney

An enduring power of attorney is a legal document in which you (the donor) appoint someone else (the attorney) to look after your affairs. For more information check out or pick up a leaflet from Deemsters Walk, Bucks Road, Douglas, or ring tel: 685236.

Tiered Award Scheme

Crossroads Care, Access Office and Tiered Award Scheme. How accessible is your business? Being disability confident is a big opportunity whether your business is small or large. The Equality Bill is now being introduced over several years. Take part in our free Award Scheme showing your disability awareness will help you to meet some of the requirements of the Act. Tel: 673103