Manx Disability Information


Disability Networks aims to provide a central point for Manx disability information to:

  • Inform
  • Ease stress
  • Empower by giving choices

This website is a simple signposting tool designed to help you find relevant information. You can also find us on facebook at Disability Networks.

How can Browsealoud help you? First find the orange button in the top right corner.For those with limited vision, reading difficulties and whose first language is not English, check out the Browsealoud instructions in the access section – the text will read aloud to you in over 50 languages, can be shaded in blocks for dyslexics plus you can choose font size.

For those making phone calls from the UK such as relatives, friends and visitors-to-be, don’t forget to add the numbers 01624 in front of the 6 digit numbers listed on the site, or 07624 for a mobile phone number.

Disability Networks is a Manx Registered Charity (Number 1113) and a Company limited by Guarantee (Number 127389C).

Registered Office is 2 Smeale Cottages, Andreas, Isle of Man, IM7 3EB.

Please note that we are not promoting or recommending any service listed on this site and accept no responsibility of any nature for their services.

If you would like to seea list of disabled toilets use either the’access’ or ‘leisure’ option.

Should you wish to talk to someone knowledgeable, check out the “Who can I talk to?” list under the Carer Support section.

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