Disability Employment Services

The Disability Employment Services helps to enable disabled people claiming benefits to find or retain sustained work. They work closely with employers in supporting and encouraging good employment practices and attitudes in the recruitment and the retention of disabled people. They also work closely with external organisations to improve mutual referral arrangements and employment related provision.

DES can be contacted at:
Disability Employment Services
Nivison House
Prospect Hill
Isle of Man

Tel: 686209/687021

Legal aspects of employment of disabled persons

Discrimination on the ground of disability

Discrimination in employment on the grounds of disability is not yet dealt with specifically in the Islands employment law. However, dismissal of a person for an inability arising from disability or for disability occurring during employment may be unfair under general unfair dismissal principles if the employer cannot show the Employment Tribunal that a dismissal was reasonable in accordance with principles of equity and the substantial merits of the case. Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures provides some guidance to employers on dealing with performance affected by health and capability issues.
Advice on disability issues can be found from the following sources:

The Departments Disability Employment Service provides support, including the discretionary financial assistance, for disabled people who are already in the workplace or who are looking for work.
The Disability Access Office can help with any access issues from Disability Awareness Training to Building Audits. Telephone 619937 or email accessoffice@manx.net.
Access information for a number of organisations and businesses on the Isle of Man is provided via AccessAble.

The Manx Workshop For The Disabled

A Manx Registered Charity has as its key objectives:

  • To offer meaningful employment and remuneration for disabled people.
  • Provide a sheltered, therapeutic working environment for those who are unable to compete for commercial jobs.
  • Provide training and develop skills that increase opportunities for disabled individuals in the open job market.
  • Improve public perceptions and acceptance of disabled people at work.
  • To support local businesses, organisations and our community.

Monday – Thursday 8.30 am – 4.30 pm (Friday 3.30 pm)
Telephone: +44 (0)1624 620149 (Answering service operates after 5 rings)
Fax: +44 (0) 1624 662516
Email: david@mwfd.co.im

Web: www.manxworkshop.com

B2B and general enquiries
Traditional Engraving

Postal Address:
Old Nobles Site
Ballakermeen Road


Workfit connects employers with employees with Down’s Syndrome. To get involved with this UK programme contact The Employment Development Officer on Tel: 0333 1212 300, email: dsworkfit.org.uk or view www.dsworkfit.org.uk

Lifeskills and Work preparation course

The Isle of Man College offer a Lifeskills and Work Preparation course to help those with disabilities to prepare for the world of work. Contact Andy White on tel: 648238 or the Secretary on Tel: 648206 for more information.

Employed Persons (Disability) Regulations of 1999

Employers can make an application to IOM government to access up to £10,000 to make adjustments for a disabled employee at work, spread over three years.